Just arrived home some days ago from a haul with my band The Camaraderie, The White Buffalo and Jonny Two Bags as well as the many talented and incomparable individuals behind the names on the flyer who’ve played their hearts out and worked many hours to make this tour work. These are the folks that had a massive part and kept the train moving and the moral on the up. It takes a village and everyone does their part while the majority of the time never getting enough credit for it. Thanks to our bus driver Greg Walker, the CR, WB and J2B camp, crew, agencies and mngt for helping us all on this tour. All the promoters and venue staff for your hospitality and kindness to our fans and supporters! Thanks to Martin Guitar, Side One Dummy, Reybee Productions, Sailor Jerry and all of our gear companies for all the help and attention in spreading the word and making the right tools for the job! Finally, to all our friends, family, fans, local bands and record stores for always being positive and regenerating the energy we release! We love you all and thank you for your spirit, inspiration and fire!

Now that the U.S. tour is over, The Camaraderie and I will be continuing on overseas in support of our new record “Till Midnight” on Side One Dummy Records. Joined by some wonderful songwriters and friends of ours, we’ll be taking the stage overseas with Northcote and Billy The Kid. If you’re not familiar with these songwriters and brilliant people, make sure to check them out before the show and make it out early, not to miss some beautiful performances by them. I’ll be joined every night on stage by The Camaraderie made up of Jon Gaunt on the fiddle, Joe Ginsberg on bass, Todd Beene on the pedal steel and electric guitar all held together by David Hidalgo Jr. on the drums. We’ll be playing a wide mix of songs from most of the releases, many tunes off of the new record and a number of requests that come in. We’re on the way over to you and full steam ahead my friends! If you haven’t found your tickets yet, visit the site below and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @chuckragan for updates, tour photos, ticket giveaways and benefit information.

For overseas tour dates visit: Tour Dates
If you’d like to support us and sing along visit our store and pick up “Till Midnight” here or find it on iTunes.

These artists will be playing this upcoming tour.
Check out Northcote here
and Billy the Kid here.

For info on the festival we’ll be playing called The Frendly Gathering held late June in Vermont, visit their website.

We look forward to visiting your community soon!
Hope to see you out at a show!
Till then, Chuck Ragan

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