The Blueprint Sessions – Cassette Tapes

We’ve got a holiday surprise for you! We collected The Blueprint Sessions into a limited edition throwback cassette. There are ONLY 90 of these and we expect them to go fast! Each one is hand numbered and we are super excited to be able to offer these to you.

Ok, BUT. Things take time and these took a little while (as we’re sure you’re used to hearing) so they won’t ship until right before Christmas. You won’t get them in time to put them in a stocking, but they will make a great post holiday surprise (or a treat for yourself).

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Remastered by Jonathan Nuñez at Sound Artillery Studio in June of 2022.

New album cover layout by Bizhan Khodabandeh at Mended Arrow.

Tracks 1 through 15 recorded by Mitchell “The Man” Townsend.

Track 16 recorded by Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas.

All songs written by Chuck Ragan except Trenchfoot written by Leatherface, Sound of a Gun written by Panthro Uk United 13, Hold My Bed by Chuck Ragan and Austin Lucas.